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"Sophy Burnham teaches with a rare combination of sweetness and impassioned fire that make her one of my favorite speakers of all time. Her lectures are nothing less than life-changing."

   -Tami Simon, founder and president, Sounds True

"What she has to give people comes not just from her luminous words -- though her language is wonderful -- but even more through the holiness of her presence, because she takes people into an experience that cannot be expressed in words but is carried somehow in her radiance."

   -John Sack, Author and lecturer (now deceased)

Past Venues

      partial list includes

  • National Storytelling Association

  • American Pen Women

  • S.E.Theater Conference

  • Smithsonian Institution

  • International Monetary Fund

  • The Cosmos Club Washington DC

  • Society for the Preservation of Greek Heritage

  • Washington National Cathedral

  • Omega Institute

  • Body & Soul Interface Conference

  • Booksellers Association

  • Women's Club of Richmond VA

  • St. Louis Art Museum

  • Swedenborg Library

To invite Sophy to speak at your event, contact:

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