"2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who"
"Daughter of Mark Twain"
"A Contemporary Jane Austen"

As soon as you trust yourself, you know how to live.

   --Johann Wolfgang Goethe


My favorite flower is a peony. I've had the perfect dog, Puck, the perfect cat, Alba, and now the perfect horse, Spring.

i live in Washington DC and in Northampton MA


All my life I wanted to be a writer, and it was given me.  I think if I had named at twenty everything I wanted in life -- I would have short-changed myself. I've been given so much more.

Once an angel saved my life (actually more than once, but that time was dramatic). I wrote about it in A Book of Angels, and I shall never forget the ravishment of that moment: the SKY! the colors! the way my heart leapt out of my body: HOME! it cried, together with the irrelevant thought: "It doesn't matter if I die!"  (We don't, you see.) And I will never forget his eyes--black pools of love. I have spent a lifetime writing of what I've been shown.


Seeing Angels. Seeing Truth. Seeing into the Spiritual Dimension. I am a Reiki master. I give intuitive or psychic readings and work also as a Medium (between the worlds). But these gifts came late in life. 


What a life! What a world!


Did I mention pain, tears, divorce, wrenching sorrows, loneliness? I've been famous, and I've been unknown. The latter is best.  Now I paint. I teach, laugh, play, pray, learn. I ride my horse and spend my time now adoring this pretty and sorrowful world and the wonderful beings in it..


Mostly all I want to do is look. The earth--trees, grass, animals, people -- you, everything -- is shining with light. Do you see it? You are enveloped in light. 

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