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Your Intuitive Reading with Sophy Burnham

If you would like a personal intuitive reading, please call for an appointment

 at 202-489-4885 or email

As a child, I was taught that psychic readings were con games or Gypsy tricks, beneath the notice of anyone intelligent. Then, by a confluence of coincidences that I think could only have been orchestrated by God, I started to give readings. I am still astonished at how much information comes to me. Sometimes an angel appears, sometimes a spirit of a loved one, but they are not our slaves and I make no guarantees. When a spirit of someone who has died comes, I am called a “medium” between dimensions or worlds. When I receive information alone, I am a “psychic or intuitive”.

    Still, there are many bad psychics, and outright frauds waiting to relieve you of your life’s savings. Be cautious. If someone starts to tell you that for more money (a lot more!), they can cleanse your aura, or remove a demon… run!


A one-hour reading covers your soul mission and in general, present work, relationships, and health. It can be done in person or by phone or Skype. I have now talked also to living animals, as a "horse whisperer."


To prepare for your reading, list all your questions. This is for you, so that at the end of the reading you know you haven't forgotten something. 


I will ask your names (all the names you’ve ever had) and birthday, will go into prayer--and then begin to talk. After I have spoken without interruption for 10 or 15 minutes, I’ll stop and you can ask other questions or for further illumination.I suggest you record the session or write down every word. Often information comes that only makes sense afterwards, when not thinking about it.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call.


I recently had a remarkable phone reading by Sophy Burnham. If her name sounds familiar, it may be because she is a best-selling author who had written several books on angels — and many on other topics too.  I, however, discovered Sophy after reading a Modern Love essay in The NY Times entitled “At What Age is Love Enthralling? 82”.

My reading with Sophy was insightful *and* inspired action and I have experienced several synchronicities, breakthroughs, and awakenings since. Sophy is deeply spiritual, extremely wise,  and a lot of fun — as are each of you. I suspect you would enjoy each other.

To help you calibrate, here is a link to one of the entries on her blog:

Blessings, laughter, and love,

Lois St Petersburg, Florida


I originally started working with Sophy several years ago, after I fell in love with her book, "The Art of Intuition". The art of synchronicity was definitely working through that encounter! I never had such a deep and profound experience as my reading with Sophy. I felt like finally there was someone who really sees me for who I truly am. She has been an earth angel, helping me through some dark times and giving me hope and trust in my gifts and higher purpose and connection with my angels and spirit guides. I am a client forever!

Dinaz, San Francisco



After my reading with Sophy Burnham, I felt reassured about the presence of Divine support in my life and I also realized that my view of the future had been calibrated from positive to very positive. She gave me a mixture of down-to-earth advice and spiritual guidance while at the same time, she saw me from an eternal perspective, one that no one had ever seen me from before. It was deeply satisfying and I would recommend it highly for people seeking additional information about their lives.

Bridget from Juneau 


My reading by phone with Sophy Burnham was everything I’d hoped for—and more.  It brought so much comfort to hear things that resonated with what I have been experiencing, and her gentle manner made me comfortable right from the start (I was initially nervous to make the call).   I don’t use this word often, but afterwards I felt “joyful”! 

She told me I had made a breakthrough—and that’s just what I had been experiencing in the weeks before the call.  Her insights and suggestions about my husband, my girls … was inspiring. I just hope that I am able to use any gifts I may have to help others, which I have always enjoyed doing-- perhaps on a higher plane.



New Jersey

 Recently I had a reading with Sophy Burnham and it is already proving to be a life-changing experience.  Sophy's clarity, her wisdom and insightand her willingness to serve as a conduit for information, direction, and reassurance from the divine realm are extraordinary, and her ability to create an atmosphere of peace and safety made our reading something I will
carry with me and continue to implement for the rest of my life.  Sophy has been blessed with a remarkable gift.

Susan Schachterly, Italy

Sophy agreed to try to communicate with my beloved kitty, Bisou, who died in early February after 15 very special, wonderful years with me.  I have been overcome with grief and deep sorrow, since he was a true companion.   She said she wasn't sure she could do it.

     Bisou did appear -- to both of us, and we both saw him sitting on the rug, watching me carefully, as he always did in life, with his wise and knowing look.   He told Sophy some very deep and touching things, which have helped me to reconcile with his departure.   Being able to see him, and to feel him in the same room again, and to keep his words with me on paper as I wrote down what Sophy was receiving, helps me to remember that Bisou is only a thought away, that he will always come whenever I call him.   Thank you, Sophy, for these precious moments.    Sherry, Washington DC

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