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Books  (in order of publication)

  The Art Crowd, David McKay Inc., l973 (Book of the Month  Club alternate selection; Saturday Review Book Club). NYTimes best seller.

  The Landed Gentry, G. P. Putnam & Sons, 1978.

  The Threat [by Terrorists] to Licensed Nuclear Facilities,  ed., Mitre Corp., 1975.    

  A Book of Angels, Ballantine Books, 1990.  (NYTimes & other bestseller lists. Tr 25 languages.)  

  Angel Letters, Ballantine Books, 1991. (Tr. 20 languages).(NYTimes Bestseller)  

  Revelations, (novel).  Ballantine Books, Sept. 1992. Literary Guild selection. Transl several  languages_

  The President's Angel, (novel). Ballantine Books, 1993.

  For Writers Only.  Ballantine Books, pub date Fall, 1994.

  The Ecstatic Journey: the transforming power of mystical experience. Ballantine, 1998.

  The Ecstatic Journey: Walking the Mystical Path in Everyday Life. Ballantine, 1999.

  The Treasure of Montségur,  (novel)  Harper San Francisco, 2002. (Tr. 4 languages);paperback 2004

  The Path of  Prayer.  Viking-Compass, 2002 (Literary Guild Selection; named one of the 50 best books of the year) (tr. languages)

  A Book of Angels, new edition; Ballantine, 2004. (tr. 25 languages)

  The Art of Intuition, Tarcher/Penguin. 2011.

  A Book of Angels, Tarcher/Penguin, 2011

  For Writers Only, Tarcher/Penguin 2011



Books for Children

   Buccaneer, (novel) Frederick Warne & Co., Inc. 1977.

  The Dogwalker, (novel), Frederick Warne & Co., 1979.


Essays & Major Articles

(75-100) in Esquire, the New York Times Magazine, New York, Town & Country, the Reader's Digest (Japan, South America), New Woman, Vogue, McCall's, Saturday Review, and others. 

Investigations into topics ranging from art or the environment, to drugs, pornography,

celebrity profiles, death of my mother, marriage, divorce, 



 Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound (adapted by Burnham) and Prometheus Released a modernized  lost conclusion, commissioned for

    The Studio Theatre, March-April 2002

 The Meaning of Life, commissioned Arena Stage; finalist Turnip Th. Festival, NYC, 2002.

 Penelope, 3-act classical drama, 1976. (see awards); produced last in 2005.

 The Study, 2-act drama, 1979; revised as Snowstorms 1985, 1993.(see awards)



Plays for Children

  The Nightingale, radio play,N.P.R., 1980; performed live at the Smithsonian Institution, and elsewhere.

  Beauty and the Beast, radio play, NPR, 1979.

  The Witch's Tale, radio play, NPR, 1978. (Award)



   The Music of Shakespeare's England, TV show, WETA. 

   The Smithsonian's Whale, film, sent by USIA to Venice Film Festival, 1964.

   The Leaf Thieves, film 1964. (American Film Festival)


Works reprinted in anthologies

Grace and Gravity: Fiction by Washington Area Women, ed. by Richard Peabody, Paycock Press, Arlington VA, 2004.

Smith Voices: Selected Works by Smith College Alumnae.  "Visits     from Angels: From A Book of Angels."  The Smith College Press, 1999.

Visions of Angels: 35 Photographers Share Their Images. Foreward by Sophy Burnham. Nelson Bloncourt & Karen Engelmann. Smithmark Publishers., 1998.

"Bitten, Wahrnehmen, Antworten," in Das Neue Grosse Praxisbuch Der Esoterik, Diane von Weltzien ed., Wilhelm Goldmann, Munich, 1998.

Table for Two, Please, Brian Luke Seaward, PhD., ed., BookPartners Inc., 1998.

Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations with Prominent     Women.  Chapter by Sophy Burnham. Susan Skog, Published by     Health Communications Inc., 1995.

"From A Book of Angels," in Literary Angels, Harriet Scott     Chessman ed., Ballantine Books, 1994.

ΑMental Energy: Doing More by Doing Less First.≅ Ch.16:  Sophy Burnham: Meditating Generates Energy,≅ in Living Alive!   Flora Davis. Doubleday & Co., N.Y. 1980.

"El Barrio's Worst Block is Not So Bad," by David and Sophy Burnham, in Crime in the City, Daniel Glaser ed., Harper &     Row, 1970.  (original article in the NYTimes Magazine, 1969.)

"El Barrio's Worst Block…So Bad," in Cities in Trouble, Nathan Glazer ed., Quadrangle, 1970.

* (Please note that with the exception of the chapter from Flora Davis= book Living Alive, these do not include the many articles about Sophy Burnham, but only those written by her and reprinted in anthologies.)



 Audio Tapes: 

Piercing the Veil: Crossing into the Mystical Realm;  4 ½ hours: Sounds True, Boulder, CO. 1999

When You’re Hurting and in Need: Transformational prayer for Painful Times. 3 hours: Sounds True, Boulder CO. 2000

The President’s Angel, A Book of Angels; read by the author. Random House

A Book of Angels, Library of Congress, reading for the Blind.


Executive Director, Fund for New American Plays, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC 1991-96

Staff writer, columnist, Museum & Arts/Washington, 1987-89

Staff writer, New Woman magazine, 1984- 90

Theatre coverage, Washington, D. C. Vogue, 1987- 90

Contributing Editor, New Art Examiner, 1985-86.

Speechwriter for Secretary, Department of Housing & Urban Development, (HUD), 1977-79.

Contributing editor, Town & Country, 1975-80.

Acquisitions editor, David McKay Inc. developing authors and editing mss. for publication, 1971-73.

Independent Consultant, 1975-88 to the MITRE Corp., the Veterans Administration, Public Citizen, INSLAW, Environmental Protection Agency, and others.

Private teaching, The Writer’s Room, 2008-present.


University affiliations 

  George Mason University, 1982-83, adjunct lecturer.

  University of Alaska, Juneau, 1980, under grant Juneau Arts & Humanities Council.



Awards and Honors 

  Office of Advanced Drama Research, University of Minn. ( Penelope) 1976.

  Virginia Duvall Mann Award ("Snowstorms"): N.C. Festival of New Plays, 1993.

  DC Community Humanity Council, Award for Service to the Humanities, 1988.

  First Prize ("Penelope"), Women's Theatre Award, Seattle, Washington, 1981.

  Award of Excellence ("Machu Picchu"), Communications Arts Magazine, Realités, 1980.

  Best Children's Radio Play ("Witch's Tale") National Association of Community Broadcasters, 1980.

  Third Prize ("Penelope") Episcopal Drama Award, National Episcopal Churches, 1979.

  Daughter of Mark Twain, Mark Twain Society, 1974.

  Best Magazine Feature, U. S. Horse Association, 1969.




    D.C. Arts & Humanities Council, 1980-81.

    The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, N.M. 1981.  1983. 1991.


Community Activities

   DC Humanities Council, 2002-2003

   Columbia Recovery Center, Board of Trustees, 1993-

   The Octagon Committee, The American Institute of Architects Foundation, 1984-1989.

   Search Committee for President, American Institute of Architects Foundation, 1984.

   Literature Panel, D. C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities, 1986, 1987.

   D. C. Community Humanities Council, (regranting arm NEH): founding member, 1979-85. Vice-chair, 1979-1980.

   The Studio Theatre, founding member, 1978-1985. Chairman of the Board, 1979-1980.

   Women's International Theatre Alliance, secretary 1979-1981.


  Contemporary Authors 

  Who's Who of American Women,

  International Writers and Authors Who's Who,

  Who's Who in America



   The Cosmos Club, Washington, DC



  Italian and French



  BA cum laude, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.

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