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Sophy Burnham is an award-winning playwright, novelist, and non-fiction writer. Three of her books have appeared on THE NEW YORK TIMES' and other best seller lists. Her works have been translated into twenty-four languages. Her articles and essays have been published in ESQUIRE, NEW YORK, THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, TOWN & COUNTRY, READER'S DIGEST and many other magazines. In addition to her theater interests, she is a psychic and medium, and a spiritual director.

I was recently interviewed by Suzanne Giesemann on her popular podcast, Messages of Hope, which you can watch and listen to here on YouTube. We had a lovely hour-long chat about angels, mediumship, and spirituality.

Here is a YouTube interview from 1968 with artist Don Gray about the New York Times bestseller, THE ART CROWD.  What an amazing thing to look at yourself across 50 years of time. I’m over 80 now, and seeing that young woman who had such vibrancy and joy is truly lovely.
Don is magnificent. Who'd a thought? the information about art is fascinating.

Here is my New York Times column in Modern Love, 2/10/19 on sensuality and aging.

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